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As you may know by now, I work from home as a fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel journalist and blogger. It’s really important for me to seperate the working section of my day at home from my own personal time at home; so at the end of the working day (usually around 6.30pm) I like to take some time out for myself.

taupe long sleeve pyjamas

Camille pyjamas review

To wind down I must, firstly, have comfy warm pyjamas on. I am currently loving these taupe ones from Camille (on sale now for £11), as they are so soft and cosy. Plus, they have long sleeves as I get cold very easily. I also need a good book, and something sweet to eat. 

design your own chocolate uk

raspberry white chocolate uk

make your own chocolate uk

A couple of weeks ago, I designed three custom chocolates bars (£14.95) on the Chocolat Chocolat website- they are delicious and packed with all my favourite flavours. The chocolate is such good quality and creamy. I had the first bar made of milk chocolate and topped with caramelised pistachios, white chocolate buttons and sea salt; and a second milk chocolate bar topped with white chocolate biscuit balls, milk chocolate honeycomb balls and meringue. Finally, I made my third bar white chocolate and had it topped with coconut flakes, caramelised almonds and dried raspberries. They are truly luxurious, and I will definitely order from Chocolat Chocolat again. Beware if you are ordering the customised bars for a present however; as they do take around two weeks to make and deliver.

Once i’m settled down on the sofa, i’ll just spend half an hour reading (and eating chocolate) before getting dinner sorted and watching the soaps on TV.

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