This is a sponsored post for Hair Transplant Glasgow.

Hair Transplant Glasgow acts as the middle-man between you and their partner hair transplant clinics in Glasgow and Scotland. They offer a free consultation to point you in the right direction, and a whopping (up to) £2000 free voucher towards the cost of your treatment at one of these clinics. How, I hear you ask! Well, I spoke to the Hair Transplant Glasgow team to find out why they do what they do and how it works…

Why did you want to start the Hair Transplant Glasgow business?

Hair Transplant Glasgow started off as an idea during the Summer of 2014. Due to the relationship we have with a particular hair transplant clinic in Scotland, we thought ‘why not offer that benefit to other people who are experiencing hair loss and are looking for a treatment that will ensure natural looking results and will stand the test of time’. This is when HTG was born. We decided to offer this benefit in the form of a voucher that is worth up to £2000 off the cost of the hair transplant treatment.

We have friends who have experienced hair loss and we know the psychosomatic implications that it can have on a person. Due to this, we decided on a implementing a voucher website, meaning that the savings can be passed along to the client; making it a much more cost-effective option for people to regain their lost hair and confidence.

People will say that up to a £2000 voucher is too good to be true- so how does it work? How do you partner with clinics to be able to offer them this?

The voucher we offer is up to £2000. The amount the client receives is dependent on the treatment that they require, which is discussed at the free consultation. Each client is different and so the voucher is individually tailored. 

We are able to offer this to clients because of the relationship we have built up with our partner clinics. We receive a discounted rate due to this relationship, which we then pass along to the client in the form of a downloadable voucher. This voucher contains a unique code to them and is also passed along to the clinic automatically so that the client doesn’t need to worry about producing the voucher at the appointment. This discount level is based on the treatment required by the client.

What sort of hair loss solutions can be provided by the clinics you partner with?

There are 3 types of hair transplant solutions that we provide to clients who book through our website:

· DHI (Direct Hair Implantation): this is the method we recommend to most of our clients as it carries the best results with the least amount of pain. For more information on this method go to our DHI page.

· FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): this method is the next best; however it is more prone to leaving ‘hole-like’ scars in the scalp. 

· FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant aka “Strip Method”): this method is the oldest method and the least used method by our clients. The main reason being that a large scar is left across the ‘donor’ area of the scalp.

How does suffering from hair loss affect your clients? It must be different between men and women?

As mentioned earlier, the effects are psychosomatic to both genders. They differ depending on personal circumstances; but the general consensus is as follows: 

· Visible signs: these include bald patches, thinning of hair and generally a lack of hair in affected areas of the scalp and/or moustache, beard, eyebrows. 

· Invisible signs: these vary in intensity; but the general feelings are of a loss of confidence/self-esteem, feeling like people are staring at the affected area, anger, self-blame, sadness and even depression and anxiety. These are all psychological signs that people cannot ‘see’ but are deeply embedded.

Why is the free consultation beneficial to your clients, and what happens during it?

The main diagnosis happens when a client meets with a hair transplant specialist. The specialist will examine all the areas of the client’s scalp to determine whether they are suitable for the transplant procedure. We thought about adding a picture field in our form (which we might include at a later date); but currently we believe that by seeing the specialist in person, it provides a bigger benefit to the client. The main reason is because the hair loss specialist will be able to examine all of the scalp in order to determine not only where and how much hair has been lost, but also the ‘donor’ area capacity- this is the area (usually round the side of the scalp) where hair can be transplanted from and determines whether the client is in a position to proceed or not.

Image Credit: Hair Transplant Glasgow