I received this full-size By Terry eyeliner pencil (available for £23.50 from Space.NK) in this month’s My Little Box subscription box. It is in the shade Bronze Generation.

By Terry Crayon Khol Terrybly Bronze Generation

By Terry Crayon Khol Terrybly Bronze Generation Review

My opinions on this product are a bit mixed. I don’t think the colour strip on the pencil or on the website is an accurate representation of the actual shade that you get. It is shown on these as being a dark khaki-bronze shade; but if you actually draw on a harsh eyeliner line with this, it just comes out as a standard black shade. It is only when you start to blend it out, that you see green-gold glitter particles appearing. To me, the base shade is still black though, and isn’t different enough to be worth spending £23.50 on; when you get such great black pencil eyeliners on the high street from the likes of Sleek MakeUP (such as their £4.99 Eau La La Liner in Molasses). 

It is a very long-lasting product though, and is incredibly soft and creamy- so perfect for both the upper and lower lash lines, and on your waterline (as the glitter is very fine so doesn’t scratch). It’s a good eyeliner; but to my eye, as an eyeliner, it’s basically just black, and there are so many cheaper and just as good options out there. You can, however, also apply this all over your lid by really blending it out- this is when you do see the khaki-bronze colour; but it’s so much easier to apply (and cheaper) just to find a similar cream eyeshadow shade on the highstreet e.g. the metallic khaki shade Kaki Cheri from the £6.99 Bourjois’ Colour Edition 24h Eyeshadow range.

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