Dr PAWPAW Original Balm is a British-made multi-purpose wonder product that tackles dry lips and dry skin. You can even use it to soften your cuticles. This past weekend, Dr PAWPAW has been the lip saviour of choice for M+P Models doing London Fashion Week AW15 catwalk shows; and it’s a product I adore too.

It is a scentless balm, with a similar texture and colour to Vaseline; although with a thicker consistency. It contains naturally fermented Papaya; which contains lots of vitamins and minerals and boosts skin repair as well as adding moisture. Olive oil is also included due to the presence of the antioxidant Hydroxytyrosol- this is a great anti-inflammatory and prevents skin damage from free radicals. Dr PAWPAW also contains the juice from the Aloe Barbadenis Leaf as this is great for restoring moisture and promoting skin regeneration.

Although it has many possible uses, I use my tube of Dr PAWPAW Original Balm for two purposes- it is an instant lip softener and lipstick primer (that absorbs well and doesn’t have the greasy feeling of some treatments), and it is great at soothing and moisturising the dry skin on one of my elbows- I must lean on this arm all the time! 

If you suffer from chapped lips or dry skin, I’d definitely recommend giving this a go as it works really well for me. It’s the perfect product to throw in your handbag to solve a multitude of beauty woes.

Dr PAWPAW is available for £6.95 at

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