Wardrobe Upcycling

Luxury wallpaper and paint manufacturers Farrow & Ball got in contact with me to see if I wanted to upcycle a wardrobe with their new wallpaper collection. It just so happened that I actually had a disaster of a wardrobe in one of my rooms, so this was the perfect chance to give it a makeover. The wallpaper I chose was a grey and white paisley pattern at £95 per roll.

Grey & White Paisley Pattern Wallpaper

First of all, I removed what was left of the existing wardrobe’s handles and locks. The locks were broken and the wardrobe didn’t stay shut on its own anyway (I told you it was a disaster).

Farrow & Ball sent their own wallpaper paste; but I opted to use PVA glue to apply the paper, which I bought from B&Q for £4.98. I did this as I didn’t want to have to sand the gloss off of the wardrobe surface (I hate sanding and find it akin to nails on a blackboard), and I wanted to be able to apply a layer of PVA over my newly applied Farrow & Ball wallpaper to dust-proof, water-proof and generally just protect it.

I used the PVA glue neat (straight out of the tin) to apply the paper. This gave it a really strong bond. Papering the wardrobe this way used up three quarters of my 250ml can of glue. I then diluted the remaining quarter (four parts glue, 1 part water) to use as a shiny protectant wash over the wallpaper. I just used a regular large paint brush to do all of this.

Finally, once it had all dried, I used a little bit of neat PVA glue that was left in the tin’s lid to stick on two handles that I had also bought at B&Q for £1.98 each. I then got some cute heart ribbon from my stationery box to wrap round the handles as a way of keeping the doors closed.

I’m really happy with how it turned out, and that I was able to breathe a new lease of life into what was once an eye-sore.

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