I am a pretty stationery addict, and i’m particularly loving cute kawaii-style (kawaii means pretty, cute or loveable in Japanese) bits at the moment. In the last couple of weeks, i’ve bought quite a large amount of new stationery, so I thought i’d do a haul post. Some are from UK stores, some are from the US/Canada and some are Korean or Japanese buys from Ebay. I’m going to mostly let the photos do the talking, as these bits and pieces are a dream to look at.

I got this slim black typewriter diary from UK supermarket Tesco. It is a week per double page spread, and was a bargain at just £2. I thought it was apt for me since I spend my days writing. On it, i’ve put one of my Kate Spade Bow Paperclips- these are pricey for paperclips (at £12.95/$12.95 for 12) but oh so worth it due to how pretty they are. You can get these paperclips in the UK from Selfridges, or in the US from the Kate Spade site.

I adore these cake roll pens. They are so cute, and are black ink rollerballs. I got them from online store Made To Charm; which specialises in kawaii stationery. They are on $1.99 each; but they only ship to the US and Canada. My super-cute French macaron erasers are also from Made To Charm, and a set of 5 costs $4.50. If you are in the UK, you can search on eBay for these, and you will find some; although they will cost you more.

As a social media-junkie, these Twitter-themed tweet sticky notes make me squeal with delight. As does that cute little piggy, whose t-shirt sticky notes say ‘Be Happy!’. I got both of these really cheap (less than £2 each delivered) on eBay UK; both posted from UK-based sellers. The elegant blue crown mechanical pencil is a US buy from the Made To Charm site for $1.99 each.

I finally gave in to the Washi tape phenomenon, and got some for myself. The multi-coloured hearts Washi tape, and the camera Washi tape is from a UK Etsy seller Bonbons Kawaii, and both together posted cost £5. I also got some masking tape stickers; which is effectively sheets of pre-cut Washi tape in lots of different pretty patterns. These were a US/Canada buy from Made To Charm, for $4.50 for the pack.

These stickers could perhaps be my favourite thing of all. They are tiny little cosmetics and skincare stickers, exactly like famous and coveted brands’ designs except for slight name and logo changes. The little Benefit ‘Cha Cha Tint’ and ‘Posie Tint’ dupes, and the tiny pretend ‘Nars’ lip pencils are so cute. These were another UK eBay purchase, at £2.28 delivered (again from a UK-based seller).

I also picked up some pretty postcards from UK stationery store chain Paperchase, which would be great both to send to people and to frame as gallery wall art. They are only 60p each.

These are more purchases from Paperchase- another two 60p postcards, and a beautiful set of colourful bow push pins (£2.00). These have replaced the boring gold tacks on the cork noticeboard at my desk.

These are more goodies from US/Canadian kawaii stationery site Made To Charm. I adore this little decorating correction tape ($2.50- it works the same way as Tippex tape, except instead of covering something up, it makes a pretty pattern of ladybirds and bumblebees. Adorable! The Paris scene notebook is $7.99 (which is a bit too expensive for such a thin and flimsy notebook in my opinion), and the ‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow’ notebook is $5.99.

Finally, I picked these pastel Sharpies up as an impulse buy in UK supermarket chain Asda, as they were reduced from over £3 to just £1.95. That’s a good price for 4 Sharpie permanent markers, and they are ever so pretty. Look in the stationery section next time you are in, and see if the deal is still on.

Have you bought any new stationery recently?

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