I’ve been asked by Memory Huddle, a new private social network, to reveal what material possessions I would want to save in a fire.

As you can imagine, photographs are top of my list. All the photos i’ve taken in recent years are all digital (and backed up in several different places); but all my childhood photos are one copy wonders- lose them, and they’re gone forever. I really should scan them all and back them up too; and getting involved with Memory Huddle has, thankfully, persuaded me to do that. There is also a pencil sketch that my Grandpa did of my Nana when she was young (and which looks identical to me) which I have framed- I really need to scan this too!

Memory Huddle, as I said, is a private social network (essentially an online time capsule). It allows you to upload, store and share your photos securely and without losing any of the image quality. You can also add associated stories to the images, and they’ll appear on a date-ordered timeline- your ‘huddle’. You can get up to 100GB of storage, and as you pay to join Memory Huddle, there are also no annoying adverts that you get on the likes of Facebook.

As well as photographs, I would also want to save several memory boxes i’ve created since childhood e.g. from school or from loved ones who have died. None contain anything of monetary value- mostly just bits of paper, and odd things such as a fork and spoon from my grandparent’s house. It is the things that are worth the least financially that are really the most important to us when it really comes down to it.

This post is in collaboration with Memory Huddle; but all opinions are my own.

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