Lush Easter 2015 Products

Lush have released another great range of products for Easter 2015. There are some fabulous new ones, and some popular creations of last year have made a return also.

Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt Review

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Bomb Melt, £3.75

I am so happy to see this back, even although I do have to de-glitter my bath after using it. This product is both a bath melt and a bath bomb; so it will soften and moisturise your skin with it’s Fair Trade cocoa butter shell, and will fill your bath with an explosion of molten gold from its bath bomb centre. The sweet honey scent of this is so indulgent too.

Bunch of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bar, £5.95

Another welcome return from last year’s Easter range are these cute carrots. You will get a lot of baths from these (hence the higher price) as each carrot can be used multiple times. All you do is hold a carrot under the tap as you are filling your bath, to create lots of fruity-smelling (buchu, lemon and grapefruit) bubbles.

Lush Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap Review

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap, £4.25

New on the scene, is this incredibly pretty and luxuriously-scented soap. It’s rainbow-bright coloured stripes and rose absolute, Sicilian mandarin and neroli oil scent won’t fail to relax you and make you smile too. There’s also some glitter for added measure- it is Lush after all!

Lush Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb Review

Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb, £2.50

This new, cute bunny face bath bomb is perfect for Easter, and will make your bath a lot of fun. This little guy is very fizzy and has popping candy in him too, so he will really give you a kick up the backside with this and his invigorating herbal scent.

Lush Pot O' Gold Shower Jelly Review

Pot O’ Gold Shower Jelly, £3.50

What could be more enjoyable that washing in liquid gold? Pot O’ Gold gives you the chance to do just this. This is a glittery metallic body wash that smells amazing- sweet orange oil, myrrh resinoid, fresh pineapple juice and vanilla absolute. A sweet and fruity treat that will really kick start your mornings.

What have you tried, or are looking forward to trying, from Lush’s Easter range?

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