Bomb Cosmetics Review

Being a major Lush fan (see my latest Lush haul here), Bomb Cosmetics is a brand I’ve only tried once before; so I was excited to experience some of their new Spring products (and long-standing classics) with my last few baths. I tried 3 bath products from Bomb Cosmetics- Daisy Roots, the new Tweetie Pie Bath Blaster and their Milk & Honey Bath Brulee.

Bomb Cosmetics Daisy Roots Review

I used Daisy Roots (£2.29) first. It made my bath water turn yellow with blue glitter. Straight out the packet it had a pleasant gentle floral scent; but when added to my bath, I smelt nothing. Even when cupping water in my hand and holding it under my nose while in the bath, the scent was extremely weak and almost non-existent. Not what I want from a bath bomb!

Bomb Cosmetics Tweetie Pie Bath Blaster Review

The pretty Tweetie Pie Bath Blaster (£2.29) did have a much stronger scent than Daisy Roots, so I could smell it’s cedarwood & geranium scent when I was in the water; but it definitely didn’t scent the room. It turned my bath water a nice pink shade. I’d use this again; but wouldn’t go out of my way to buy one as it just doesn’t have the sensory power of Lush.

Bomb Cosmetics Milk & Honey Bath Brulee Review

Finally, I’ve had a couple of baths with the Milk & Honey Bath Brulee (£3.49), as it lasts for up to six baths. I did actually really quite like this- you drop it in your bath and allow some of it to dissolve, before removing it for next time. It creates a nice foam, and releases moisturising cocoa butter into the water. The scent is creamy and sweet, with relaxing Lavender and Camomile. Not a strong a scent as I’d like; but it was definitely evident.

The reasons I love Lush so much are that a) their products are very pungent and the scent really fills a room, and b) their range looks visually striking and often really cute. Bomb Cosmetics’ products are good; but don’t come close to Lush unfortunately.

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