I am really into braids at the moment, thanks to Fleur de Force. Unfortunately, I can’t do more than your basic, standard, 3-strand plait. That poses a problem for someone with a Pinterest board full of braided inspiration. So, I decided to go to the hairdressers and get my hair done in a cute (and difficult to do) style after my cut and blow-dry.

Rainbow Room East Kilbride

I went to the Rainbow Room International salon in East Kilbride. It’s really bright and modern, and it was so nice to receive a personalised welcome pack when I arrived; full of information on the team and prices.


All services at Rainbow Room salons begin with a consultation to determine the condition of your hair so that they can tailor the right products to it. This is then followed by a relaxing Shiatsu head and shoulders massage- I love this bit. After I’d had my hair washed, I got treated to a second massage as they worked a treatment into my hair to help me with growing it out. I then got just a trim and a tidy-up, so as not to lose any length. 

Braided Hair Style

Braided Hairstyle

Once my hair had been blow-dried, it was time to hand me over to the salon’s braid expert to work her magic. I gave her completely free reign, and she came up with a gorgeous pretty but edgy look with some glitter thrown in for good measure. I will definitely be returning here next time I want my hair done for an event.

Are you into braids? If you’ve done any tutorials, send them my way by leaving the links in the comments. I will master this art eventually, I will.

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