My jewellery collection has grown considerably over the last year, and when I’ve had something new, I’ve not been putting it away neatly, but just chucking it in a pile. As a result, I’ve had no idea what jewellery I own and couldn’t choose easily what to wear. 

So, I decided once and for all to get my collection organised when I saw this gorgeous retro suitcase set online (£19.95 at Flamingo Gifts). Now I use just this, and my Stackers jewellery box system, to store everything I have. In my Stackers boxes, I’ve put my more delicate or more expensive small jewellery; saving the retro suitcases for my costume jewellery.

The large red one is now home to my statement necklaces (a favourite of mine); while the medium blue one stores all my larger-sized or costume bracelets and bangles. 

In the small yellow one, I keep costume rings- I definitely need to go on a ring shopping spree now that I see how little I have.

Do you like my new retro suitcases? How do you store your jewellery collection?

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