Enso White Aroma Diffuser Review

I love relaxing-scented candles; but I’ve wanted another way to unwind at bedtime with a scent for a while- a way that’s not a fire hazard if I fall asleep before blowing it out. So, I finally picked up an Enso Aroma Diffuser (£37.95 from Gizoo).

This aroma diffuser is a completely safe way to scent a room- you can leave it on when you are in another part of the house, or can fall asleep with it on next to you. Basically, all you do is fill the well under the lid with water and a few drops of the essential oil of your choice. You then pop the lid back on and plug it in to a mains plug socket. The device will emit a soothing light, and a cool visible mist will spiral out of the top. It is also a mini humidifier- the mist is hydrating and moisturising, without creating condensation.

madebyzen Unwind Purity Oil

The essential oil I chose is the madebyzen Unwind Purity Oil (£7 from John Lewis), as it is a relaxing blend of Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Rosewood & Jasmine. I think I’ll try a straight Lavender scent with it next, as soon as I have time to pick one up. The only oil you can’t use is Lemon, as the citrus acid in it will slowly cause corrosion to the working parts of the diffuser.

If you are worried about using candles at bedtime, this is the perfect alternative for you. Let me know of any great oil blends to try if you’ve got one too.

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