As it’s Spring (with Spring cleaning and all that), storage company Mobile Mini challenged me to de-clutter a room in my house with a £50 Not On The High Street voucher. I chose my bathroom, as being a beauty blogger and journalist, it is more than full to the brim with products.

The windowsill in my bathroom used to take a real battering, as being the largest flat shelf in the room, it became the dumping ground for all my current and spare hair and bath products. So, I decided this would be the place to tackle- I wanted to make it look pretty, but also be able to see what I actually have, instead of just looking at a bundle of chaos.

I chose two organisational storage items from Not On the High Street- a rust-coloured wire trug (£19.50 plus postage) from Velvet Brown, and a two-tier white metal rack (£19 plus postage) from Dibor. I liked these as they both had pretty heart detailing. Now I can see, and store neatly, all my hair products; plus be able to display and smell all my bath bombs.

If you are planning on de-cluttering your bathroom too, here are my top tips…

1) If you can get storage with multiple vertical levels (like my new two-tier rack), opt for that, as you are increasing your storage volume without increasing the space that it takes up.

2) Don’t be afraid to streamline and get rid of things that you had forgotten you had. If you haven’t needed it in months, it’s unlikely you will want to reach for it anytime soon.

3) Chose storage options that are easy to lift up and move without disrupting the contents, for when you want to clean. You don’t want to have to decamp everything every time you need to get a duster out.

Let me know your de-cluttering tips, and what Spring cleaning projects you are taking on this year.

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