I had great fun last week crafting this fabric-covered planner. I made this at home, in a collaboration with both Sykes Cottages and Hillarys Blinds respectively.

Sykes Cottages asked me to get crafty to show the types of activities that it is possible to do when having a holiday in one of their properties, as they have a range of ‘How Tos’ on their blog. Amongst a big box of craft goodies, they sent a Kirstie Allsopp Fabric Notebook Kit and a Kirsty Allsopp Button Kit.

Similarly, Hilarys Blinds (through The Joe Blogs Blogger Network) sent me some of their new fabric range and instructions from The Crafty Hen on how to make a fabric-covered book. I decided to combine the two- using Hillarys Blinds’ fabric with the Kirsty Allsopp notebook and instructions- to make my own custom designed creation.

This gorgeous blue and white floral fabric is a new design from Hillarys Blinds, and I adore it. I’m so tempted to get blinds made with it now! I chose to use this to cover my notebook with, and then finish it off with crocheted lace and buttons from the Kirstie Allsopp Button Kit, and green polka-dot ribbon from the Kirstie Allsopp Fabric Notebook Kit.

I began by hemming the piece of fabric all the way round to ensure smooth neat edges. I then cut and hemmed two triangles in the middle of the long-sides of the fabric, so that I could fold it easily and neatly past the spine of the notebook.

I chose to make a permanent glued cover, although the Kirstie Allsopp notebook kit does have instructions for both this, and a removable, reusable one too. Once everything is neatly hemmed, fold the long edges over first and glue down (I used Pritt Stick), before doing the same with the top sections.

DIY Fabric-Covered Notebook

Once this is dry, it’s time to decorate the cover of your notebook/planner any way you choose. I’m delighted with the colours of mine and with the final result. It’s almost too pretty to write in now!

Have you made any crafty creations lately?

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