Homemade Scented Candles

As you’ll have seen if you read my post earlier this week on how to make your own fabric-covered planner, I have been collaborating with Sykes Cottages to show you what crafty makes you can easily complete when staying in one of their properties, or just in your own home.

Last weekend I made some scented soy wax candles at home, with my favourite scent- Lavender. I used an instruction guide from the Sykes Cottages blog to do this.

You need soy wax flakes, an essential oil of your choice, wicks and jars/containers- I used two upcycled Nutella jars that I decorated with washi tape and stickers, plus a glass votive that Sykes Cottages kindly had personalised for me by having my blog name engraved on it. The candle-making process didn’t take long at all- only around 15 minutes to do, and then overnight for the candles to set.

The wax flakes melted in my pot quickly, and the pot was very easy to clean as soy wax melts at a lower temperature than paraffin wax.

The only times I deviated from the instructions on the Sykes Cottages blog was when I doubled the amount of essential oil added (I like strong Lavender) and when I changed the stage I added the wick at (when wet and I held until partially set), as I had been taught differently elsewhere.

I have really been enjoying burning my relaxing scented candles, and can’t wait to make some more and experiment with scents. All my friends will be getting a personalised homemade candle for their birthdays this year without a doubt.

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