Last year, I brought you my DIY home pedicure guide (here), so I thought I’d update you with my current routine and the products I am using to get my feet ready for my Summer 2015 sandals.

ClearZal Tea Tree Foot Soak

I am using ClearZal products this year (you can buy them on their website), and I’m loving them. I begin by giving my feet a nice soak in a basin of hot water with ClearZal’s Tea Tree Foot Soak (£12.99). This is so refreshing and reviving as it contains Tea Tree, Peppermint and Eucalyptus. The tea tree is also great for giving your feet a good clean and getting rid of any germs too.

ClearZal Pedicure Products

I then follow this with their Exfoliating Scrub (£9.99). As my feet have had a good soak, the skin on them is soft at this stage, so a lot easier for the scrub to remove dead skin. This is a really effective scrub as it contains natural pumice; and the Aloe Vera and Jojoba ingredients leave my feet extra soft.

ClearZal Foot File

Next, I finish off removing dead skin with the ClearZal Foot File (£5.49), and then trim my toenails using their Nail Clippers (£9.99). What a difference it makes to use clippers that are specially designed for toenails!

Finally, I end with a good foot massage with the ClearZal Foot Food Nutritional Cream (£9.99). This is a very moisturising and luxurious treat for my feet, and the Lavender, Thyme and Rosemary scent makes it a relaxing way to wind down after a busy day too.

What do you use to look after your feet? Have you tried any other ClearZal products you would recommend?

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1st Photo Credit: Luz y nostalgia via photopin (license)