I don’t believe in putting people down or judging them- people (including myself) are overweight for all sorts of reasons. However, the world has gone PC crazy, and we have to use our brains and accept that being obese (i.e. normally over a size 18) is unhealthy. Whatever you want to argue back at me with, it’s true- there’s an increased risk of pregnancy complications and surgery complications, an increased risk of diabetes and an extra strain on your bones etc. It is just as unhealthy as being a size 0- an extreme at the other end of the spectrum. It’s nothing to do with beauty (as of course you can be beautiful at any size and shape), it’s to do with health.

Whilst we shouldn’t be body shaming anyone, we shouldn’t be encouraging being obese either, as quite simply, it is life-threatening. Maybe not now, but later on in life, there will be complications as a result. I have yo-yo’d all my adult life (I’m aged 30 now) between a size 10/12 and a size 24. Believe me, I know more than anyone the different reasons for becoming obese. I am now a size 18, and am on a healthy eating/exercise plan to get to at least a size 16 by the end of this year, as it is a healthier life choice. Bodies aren’t designed to carry about that much of an extra load on their frame.

We simply shouldn’t be promoting being obese with extra large clothing brands and putting obese models in magazines, any more than we should be having size 0 models on the catwalk. Being obese isn’t the same as just being overweight, as its an extreme, and extremes are unhealthy. Fact.

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Photo Credit: Jeans via photopin (license)