I hope you have all still been enjoying my blog this week while I have been on holiday. Here is another guest post for you to tide you over until I return at the weekend. Over to Sheradan from the blog Sherry Scribbles

As a qualified hairdresser, I’ve gone through every hair colour under the sun; which was great at the time, but it did start taking it’s toll on my hair. So, I needed to change the way I was treating it.

For the best part of 3 years, I’ve been growing it out after chopping the lot off for a fresh start. It’s finally reached a length I’m happy with and I’ve made my decision on a colour (well two) that I plan to stick with for a while. I noticed though, that my hair was so fine and brittle that the actual end result I was trying to achieve seemed impossible.

Hours of researching products that would give me those big and bouncy celebrity-style locks I wanted made my head spin, as there’s too many. I finally plucked up the courage to pick one that was inexpensive but with great reviews, and landed on Biotin Maximum Strength 10,000mcg supplements (£7.49 from Amazon); which support healthy hair, nails & skin. The pack contains 6 months worth, and you are advised to take 1 daily with a meal.

Now, these are to be used over the course of 6 months and I’ve completed about 1 month so far, I must admit though, that although I can’t see a massive change in the length or thickness of my hair yet, they have worked wonders for my nails. Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of nail biting, but these have helped kick that habit to the curb. I finally have nails I can be proud to show off- bonus!

Figuring that the Biotin supplements would lead to a gradual and less noticeable change, I opted for looking into a ‘quick-fix’ solution to give my hair the volume I wanted.

Browsing down the aisles of B&M Bargains, I was drawn to two red bottles of Biotin & Collagen Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner. For only 99p each, it was definitely worth a try. My verdict after just one use was that 99p is an absolute steal! I went back the next day and bought all the stock they had left. It certainly does what it says on the tin, and to say I was impressed is an understatement.

The bottles state the following- “Superfood for your hair. Create the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Contains Biotin and Collagen for strong, thick hair”. On the back they explain that they have been blended with Vitamin B7, Biotin and Collagen.

This shampoo and conditioner is what I have been referring to my friends and work colleagues as ‘magic in a bottle’, because one use is enough to give me that thick and bouncy look. I no longer need to spend hours in front of the mirror with hundreds of products, or back combing my hair within an inch of its life, to give me the volume or the fullness I want. I can simply hop into the shower, use this shampoo and conditioner and blow dry as normal. My ends no longer look dry and brittle, my roots certainly look shinier and I have never received so many compliments when I leave the house (with hair as fabulous as Nicole Scherzinger and Cheryl Cole).

Have you tried any Biotin products for your hair? Did they make a difference too?

1st Photo Credit: blondie via photopin (license)