Debenhams Gorgeous Seduction Coral Bra

Last week, I was invited by Debenhams for breakfast, to learn about the design process of their lingerie lines from their fuller bust collections Senior Buyer Clare Gorton.

Debenhams Clare Gorton

The whole process of approving designs and fabrics for each season is a lot more complicated than I thought. It takes a lot of work and attention to detail to get one of their beautiful bras on store hangers.

Debenhams Glasgow Lingerie Department

Debenhams are really keen on highlighting the importance of knowing your correct bra size by having a free bra fitting in one of their stores. I had mine, and to be honest, I hadn’t had a bra fitting since I was a teenager, so I couldn’t remember what the process involved. I had visions of having to stand naked in-front of someone while they carefully measured every inch of my very private bust. This isn’t the case at all however- at Debenhams, the experienced fitters are trained to fit by sight and by just having a quick feel of the space, give and support that your current bra offers you. No nakedness. I, as I very much expected, was wearing completely the wrong size; so I left with a smaller back, a few extra cup sizes and feeling a whole lot more comfortable.

Debenhams Gorgeous Seduction Coral Lingerie Set

My first bra and pants in my new size, is this cute and bright polka-dot coral set (£18.50 and £5) from Debenhams own Gorgeous Seduction line. I think this is a great choice for Summer as it’s such a happy colour. I really like the look and shape of balcony bras on me too.

Knowing my correct size has made such a difference to not only the feel of wearing a bra, but to the way my clothes sit. If you haven’t had a fitting in a while, I urge you to take advantage of the free service at Debenhams, as it’s likely you’ll be in for a surprise.

You can view Debenhams’ full range of lingerie at

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