M&S Rush Salon Haircare

A while ago, award-winning London hair salon group Rush, launched their own line of nine haircare and styling products designed by their artistic team. I’ve only just got round to trying some, and am now very disappointed that I waited so long.

I’ve got four products from the range, and the packaging on them is beautiful. Very girly, and luxurious too. They all smell amazing too- it’s a difficult scent to describe, as it’s that gorgeous quality hair salon smell, a sweet floral.

The first one I’ve been using is their dry shampoo Survive & Revive Dry Shampoo (£5). Dry shampoos are a tricky product to like- most I’ve tried have left a chalky white residue on my hair, or just haven’t performed as I’ve wanted them to. This one, however, is great. It leaves no white trace behind at all, and really freshens the look of unwashed hair. Everytime you move you get a delicious waft of the scent too.

I’ve also been loving their Lift & Defy Root Gel (£6). This has a very light clear gel formula (so it doesn’t weigh your hair down), and you use a marble-sized amount to cover your palms and then work through the roots, plumping as you go. If you then dry your hair upside down, you’ll have lots of lift in the roots and voluminous locks.

Rush Hair Multi-Use Oil

Another of the products I got is the most expensive in the collection, the Multi-Use Oil (£9.50). This comes in a glass bottle with a handy pipette dispenser. There are lots of ways to use hair oil, but I use it the tips of my hair. I don’t get regular trims, so my ends can sometimes be dry and dull. I put a few drops of oil on my hand and work spareingly through the tips when my hair is still damp. This seals the hair cuticles so helps stop split ends.

If I am planning on straightening my hair for a sleek look, I’ve been using the Ultimate Blow Dry Lotion (£6). This has a lightweight watery creamy texture. All you need is 2 or 3 pumps to smooth over your mid-lengths and ends- you can do this on dry or wet hair (I do it once I’ve towel-dried it). This lotion conditions, smoothes straight hair and helps to eliminate frizz- I love it.

You can pick all these products up from Marks & Spencer stores or online at

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