When I do a Lush bath haul, I usually fill my basket with the usual suspects that I’ve reviewed multiple times before (over 50% of my order is always Twilight bath bombs). So, this time, I thought I’d add in a few that I’d never even smelt before, as they sounded great for Summer. Here’s how I got on with them…

Lush Avobath Bath Bomb

Lush Avobath Bath Bomb In Bath

Avobath Bath Bomb, £3.35

I have actually discovered a new favourite! This bath bomb is amazing- it’s full of skin-nourishing, hydrating avocado and olive oils, and has a strong, fresh, clean lemon scent. This is a great choice for morning baths as it refreshes and wakens you, setting you up for the day.

Lush You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt

You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt, £3.35

I knew that, as a bath melt, this wouldn’t be as strongly scented as a bath bomb; but I was hoping for a bit more mango for my money than what I got. It didn’t really do much to my bath’s appearance either- just very slowly dispersing oils. The scent of this is more lemon and lime than mango; but it does contain mango butter (along with cocoa and avocado butters) to moisturise the skin. My skin gets the same effect, and a lot more fun, from many bath bombs and bubble bars; so I think I’ll just stick with those in the future. If you do have incredibly dry skin however, it may be beneficial to add this in with a bath bomb for extra hydration.

Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb

Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb In Bath

Big Blue Bath Bomb, £3.35

I can barely talk about this without wanting to be sick. I was so disappointed when I dropped this huge heavy bath bomb in my bath, as I was expecting a fresh ocean scent and blue ‘waves’, but what I got was a house filled with my most hated smell ever- clove oil. Nowhere in the description or ingredients list does it mention cloves; but it does say ‘perfume’, so I’m guessing this is where the pungent clove scent comes in. This is basically nothing like it is described, and was very quickly drained down my plug hole. If you love clove oil though, you’ll have a party with this.

You can purchase all of these from Lush stores nationwide, or online at

What are your favourite, and least favourite, Lush bath products?

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