The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

This balm cleanser from The Body Shop ( is simply delightful. The Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter comes in a flat metal tin (rather reminiscent of shoe polish), and is hard and white inside. The butter melts into a gorgeous oily balm when it meets the heat of your skin and a damp face.

I like this as the scent is very mild- just a subtle relaxing Camomile smell. Despite its low £12 price tag, it feels very luxurious on my skin and removes all traces of my makeup perfectly. My skin is always left feeling very soft, nourished and deeply cleansed after using this; and it undoubtedly rivals the pricier balm cleansers on the market in the performance stakes.

It is definitely suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin; but I would perhaps seek some advice first before using if you have excessively oily or acne prone skin. You can see the full list of ingredients on The Body Shop website.

I’ve been using this to cleanse at night, to remove my makeup or just the general grime of the day, and I am so impressed by it. A little goes a long way too, so one tub will last you a good couple of months. If you are looking for a budget balm cleanser, or just want to put this to the test against your high-end favourites (do it, do it), I thoroughly recommended this offering from The Body Shop.

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