Mad Beauty Soda Pop Fizzing Bath Salts

Mad Beauty are known for their quirky beauty product releases, and when I spotted these new cool-looking bath fizzes in actual soda cans, I just had to try them. I have two of the three scents- Lemonade and Cream Soda.

These are 100% a novelty product for enjoyment purposes- they have no skincare benefit whatsoever; but instead just turn your bath pretty colours and make it smell very Summery. We all need a bit of that in our lives.

The fizzing salts are very refreshing to bathe in. The Lemonade version turns your water yellow, and smells exactly like very zesty sherbet lemon sweets; where as the Cream Soda variety is light blue in colour and has a bit of a sweeter, but still very sherbet-like vanilla scent. I definitely like the Lemonade the most, as it is a great product to use after a long, hot Summer day outside.

If you want a ‘happy’ addition to your bath time, I would definitely check these out. You can get them from Mad Beauty on Amazon for £5.95 each.

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