Fleur de Force With Laura Pearson-Smith

I do love watching YouTube, and really enjoy Fleur de Force’s channels- her beauty and fashion one is packed full of really useful tips and product recommendations, and her vlog channel always makes me hungry!

Fleur de Force The Glam Guide

As you may know, last year Fleur released her book The Glam Guide (£11.29 at Waterstones)- a gorgeously designed life and style manual. It’s a great read, and a great coffee table accessory. It has just come out in paperback, so Fleur took to various venues in the UK for book signings. I went behind-the-scenes at her Glasgow signing, and of course, caught up with the lady herself.

I got to the venue- Waterstones Braehead- at 11.30AM. The signing was starting at 1PM, and already there was quite a number of queuing (well sitting in a queue due to tiredness) fans. Fleur hadn’t arrived yet, and was running a bit late, so I chatted to the store staff about how they run a signing event, and to some of her fans along the queue as I waited for her to get there.

Fleur de Force Book Signing

Everyone that wanted to join the queue had to buy a book first (or have one with them). At the till, the store stuck a post-it note on the front of all the books with the person’s name on it- this was to speed up the signing process and help Fleur to spell any tricky names correctly. Store staff also passed sweets down the queue, and when Fleur’s agent Fran arrived, she bought lots of cookies from Millie’s Cookies and passed them along the queue too. A mini party!

I was taken through to the back office to meet Fleur and, of course, get that obligatory selfie. She was surprised by how long her train from Newcastle to Glasgow actually took- it is actually quite a distance! I left before the signing started; but from the various photos and vlog’s I’ve seen of it, everyone had a great time and her visit was well received.

I thoroughly recommend that you check out both Fleur’s book and YouTube videos. If you love fashion, beauty, skincare or food, you’ll adore them.

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