As you probably know, I work from home as a full-time blogger and freelance journalist. This means that I need to create a very clear division between my working time and my own time; especially at night. Otherwise, I would never switch off- both literally and mentally. I wanted to take you through how I wind down at night after work and the things I enjoy doing in these free hours.

At 6pm, I now switch off my internet as I will have been on it all day, and it is very much a work domain for me. The only nights I don’t do this are if I have a press event or I am out doing a restaurant review, for example.

I usually colour my adult colouring book and complete my Q&A A Day 5 Year Journal (£10.49 from Amazon) until Coronation Street and Eastenders start at 7.30PM. I have a bath (with something from Lush) most nights also, and I do this before my TV programmes begin.

I never miss these shows, and enjoy a cosy hot drink during them. At the moment, I am loving the Montezuma’s Chilli Hot Chocolate (£6.99 from Montezuma’s). I always have a cosy pair of socks on too, and my favourite pair are these grey ones with bows from Jonathan Aston (£5.99 from UK Tights), as they are so soft and pretty.

I usually always head to bed once the soaps have finished, and after I have done my evening skincare routine. I take a hot water bottle to bed with me (as I am always cold) and either read a book or listen to an unabridged audiobook for about an hour before falling asleep.

Apart from the television (which I rarely watch during the day), I don’t use other electronic gadgets at night. I haven’t always done this; but since I started this new regime, my sleep has greatly improved.

What do you do to wind down at night?

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