Hand-Crafted Initial Letters

I do love the initial letters made with lights, but I am loathed to buy into what is clearly a temporary trend, as they can be quite expensive. I may cave eventually though. However, in the meantime, I decided to make my own bright and eye-catching light-free initial letters. One for my bedroom, and one for above my desk.

I bought a couple of large cardboard 3D L letters from an eBay craft seller; but have since seen that larger Tesco stores actually sell them for £2 each; which worked out a tiny bit cheaper once you put postage on top. It is worth looking around on eBay first though for any deals.

I started by covering the letters in tissue paper in a decoupage manner- I tore up small pieces and layered them over the surface with glue. PVA glue is ideal; but I only had a trusty Pritt Stick and it worked just as well. For the button letter I used plain white tissue paper so that the buttons would really stand out, and for the lace ribbon letter, I used pink lace patterned tissue paper to keep with the theme.

Once the letters were covered, I stuck on the decorations I wanted with the same glue. I made sure that the different colours of the buttons were more or less evenly spaced, and applied some polka dot green ribbon round the edges to neaten the look up. On the other letter, I applied the fabric lace with the same glue too, and added a few patterned square buttons and purple beads for decoration as it had been looking too plain.

You really can decorate these cardboard letters however you choose; but I wanted to share with you how I did it, in case it sparks off your imagination. Happy crafting!

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