A couple of months ago, I shared with you some of the novels I had been enjoying recently (here); so I thought I’d share my next round of reading material with you also…

Always The Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk

Lindsey Kelk is the chick-lit Queen. I adored her famous I Heart… series; so couldn’t wait to read this as soon as it was released. In her latest novel, Maddie is a wedding and events planner with an insufferable boss. Add to that her own relationship dramas, and the fact she has just been appointed bridesmaid to her best friend; she isn’t going to be walking down the aisle herself very soon. This is a funny book that all modern 20 to 30-something women will relate to, as it features the career, friendship and relationship dilemmas that we all experience.

Summer Loving by Allie Spencer

Allie Spencer’s books are entertaining and very easy reads. They are the sort of books for lazing by the pool on holiday, without much thinking required. That’s not to underestimate them, as we all need a light and reliable read sometimes. This novel follows a group of female, reunited college flatmates on a group holiday to Greece; where one thing after another goes wrong. Expect everything you would expect when you put a group of women in one place- tears, bonding, relationship woes, laughter…and a tale of a missing historical artefact which just doesn’t belong in this book,

Techbitch by Lucy Sykes & Jo Piazza

The description of this novel was right up my street- it’s about a print magazine editor, Imogen, who returns to work from sick leave to find out that her traditional fashion magazine has been changed to a digital app format. She has new colleagues to deal with that seem to have risen through the ranks without any hard work, and new technologies to work with that she doesn’t understand. It reminds me a lot of The Devil Wears Prada– lots of fashion magazine one-upmanship and scheming; with a clearly identifiable ‘devil’. If you are a blogger, or work in digital media, you will love this. It is surprisingly educational too.

Don’t Tell The Bride by Anna Bell

I think Anna Bell is a hugely under-appreciated chick-lit writer. Her books are very very funny; especially the ones in this series, of which this is the latest. In this novel, we follow the latest adventures of mishap-prone Penny Robinson, a wedding planner for budget brides. She is very comedic- along the lines of Becky Brandon from Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series- well-meaning; but always gets herself into scrapes- including nearly losing her business in this novel. This is a wonderful, feel-good read and if this type of book is your thing, I’d definitely give this series by Anna Bell a try.

Into The Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes

I do like a good thriller now and again, such as Girl On The Train, and this one by Elizabeth Haynes was recommended to me. It is really gripping, and a seriously ‘can’t put down’ read. I don’t want to give too much away; but it tells the story of Catherine, who starts a relationship with a new man; however, he starts to become controlling and frightening. She eventually manages to escape her life of domestic violence; but years later, the phone rings…

The Long Weekend by Veronica Henry

This is not normally a book I would go near. I would have deemed it as, no offence, a book for 50 to 60-somethings. For a start, it’s set in a quiet beach town in Cornwall, and features an array of characters that are all a lot older than me. However, it was on a very special offer and I needed something to read, so I bought it. I was rather surprised as I actually quite enjoyed it. It’s not the style of book that I would probably go back to any time soon as it lacked any of the frivolity of chick-lit women’s fiction that I enjoy. This is a lot more of a serious read, following the stories and turmoil of several groups of characters as they all come to stay, for different reasons, at the same seaside hotel. It really explores the human condition and makes you think about life and our relationships with others.

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