As i’m sure you know, I am working with Jeep UK at the moment on promoting their #RenegadesWanted campaign, for the new Jeep Renegade car, on my blog and social media. They did some research into the top experiences most found on a modern person’s bucket list. A bucket list is a list of experiences, ambitions and dreams that they want to achieve in life.

The items that Jeep UK found most popular were: get married in Las Vegas, dive with sharks, surf in Hawaii, travel on a private jet, date a model, gamble in Monte Carlo, party on a super yacht, skydive, climb Mount Everest and have an illicit affair. Now, as none of these are dreams of mine, I thought i’d put together my own bucket list and share it with you. 

1. Visit Titanic Wreck On A Submarine

This one really scares me (the going under the water and possibly being unable to breathe bit) but I have been so interested in the Titanic disaster for such a long time and i’ve visited museums and exhibitions on it across the world; so that this is definitely something I would love to experience. I think it would be utterly amazing to see first-hand.

2. Visit The Oval Office

I am a huge fan of US TV shows about the president and the CIA such as Scandal, Homeland, Madam Secretary etc. I would love to walk around the Oval Office at The White House. The President doesn’t need to be there…actually, i’d prefer he wasn’t, as then I could sit at his desk!

3. Stay In The Ice Hotel

There’s a hotel in Sweden, just north of the Arctic Circle that is made entirely of ice- walls, fixtures and fittings, and it has to be rebuilt every Winter. I love the idea of staying here on a cold dark night, all wrapped up cosy. It would be such an experience!

4. Perform In A West End Musical

I was a professional and trained actress, but sadly I cannot sing very well or dance that well eiter; which puts me at a bit of a disadvantage. However, I would love to perform the lead role in something like Chicago to a packed West End audience in London; even if I had to lip-sync!

5. Go On A Disney Caribbean Cruise

I would love to go on a Disney cruise in the Caribbean, and stop off at their private island Castaway Cay in the Bahamas as i’m a Disney geek and their cruise ships are amazing. Now, I will admit that it is the lure of the 24-hour buffet that draws me in the most; along with the fact I like to be lazy on holiday- so having everything in one place is very appealing to me.

6. Have A Published Book

I’ve been saying this for years, and one of these days I really will get round to writing it; but I would love to have a beautiful book on sale in bookshops- maybe a lifestyle guide, a fashion / beauty book or a blogging guide. Who knows?

7. Attend The Oscars

After years of working in TV and film production, and as an actress, i’ve been to my fair share of glittering award ceremonies; but there is definitely something about The Academy Awards that sets it apart from everything else. Oh, and before you suggest, no, going as a ‘seat filler’ will not suffice.

8. Spend Christmas In New York

I think New York, with my family, would be the most magical place to spend Christmas. It would look visually stunning, and there would be great food and amazing shopping. A luxury hotel would have to be involved too, of course.

9. Stay In A Sorority House

This is so immature; but I love the idea of the American college sorority. I think i’ve been watching too much trashy TV; but I think it would be amazing and such a bonding experience to stay in one. Does anyone want to give me a room for a week? We can braid each other’s hair…

10. Shoot A Gun (Safely!)

Now, let me make it clear that I am very much against any shooting of live people or animals. It is not acceptable under any circumstances. I am also very against personal gun ownership; but I think that shooting is a historical skill that we shouldn’t lose. There are safe and controlled ways, within a licensed business establishment, to learn how to shoot a gun without harming a living thing. I’d love to try clay shooting outside, or even just visit a shooting range.

Jeep UK are also offering you the chance to win one of ten renegade, adventurous experiences that might just tick off one of your own bucket list entries. All you need to do is visit the Jeep Renegades Wanted website, choose which experience you fancy and submit your details.

Share with me in the comments what is top of your bucket list!

This is a sponsored post with Jeep UK; but all opinions are my own.

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