Target Dollar Spot Stationery

I have been eyeing up the stationery in the Target Dollar Spot section in US Target stores for a long time. Roughly 75p each for gorgeous notebooks, labels, tags and pen sets! Why don’t we have anything this good quality for this price in the UK? Probably just as well we don’t actually, as I would have a house full by now.

Yes, you heard correctly, everything in this haul was $1 each – how amazing is that?! My friend Kate sent me a box of goodies over from California; knowing how much of a Target-lover I am.

I love everything; but my favourites are the coloured pastel gel pens with little hearts on their lids, the journal notebook with a cute string tie wrap, and the brown paper labels. I adore the mint green and watercolour theme of everything too- it’s all so pretty.

Have you found any stationery bargains recently?

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