Lindsey Kelk Interview

I am obsessed with all of Lindsey Kelk’s novels, and she is also a fellow beauty and blog lover. I grilled her on all her beauty favourites just for you…

What are your must-have, holy grail skincare favourites?

I try a lot of different products but there are always some favourites I come back to – I’ve been an Elemis devotee for a long time, ever since I started developing adult acne in my late twenties, and I never stray from Pro-Collagen Marine Cream for long. It’s not cheap but my skin always thanks me for it. I’m religious about their cleansing balm too. I love Kate Somerville Exfolikate and First Aid Beauty toning pads and for the last few months, I’ve been obsessed with Vichy Aqualia Thermal serum. I have oily skin that is dehydrated so it’s a constant balancing act to keep it in check, and this is so much better than some of the more expensive serums I’ve used.

Did I see somewhere that you keep your nail polishes in the fridge? Why? Is this something we should all be doing?

Ha! I do. The theory is that it keeps air out of the bottles and makes the polish last longer since it’s not heating up, cooling down and being exposed to air. I think it works but that’s just me.

You recently moved to LA from New York. What are your top skin sun protection tips?

God, just so much sunscreen. I have so many on the go… Kate Somerville, Clarins or La Roche Posay for my face and usually Hawaiian Tropic for my body because I love the smell. I usually wear light, long sleeves because I burn so easily and wear a hat as often as I can stand to, even though I hate wearing hats!

What beauty/bath/skincare products help you to wind down and sleep well at the end of a busy day?

The most heartbreaking part of my apartment is that my bath leaks into the kitchen and my landlord doesn’t want to fix it (arse) so I can’t take a bath right now! I’m obsessed with lavender so it’s always something lavender scented for me. I love the This Works pillow spray and Aromatherapy Associates oils, they really help. The ritual of cleansing and moisturising really helps me wind down- when I have time, I like to double cleanse, tone, brush my teeth, apply my serums and moisturisers and then moisturise all over before getting into bed but it’s a bit of a process and sometimes I haven’t got the energy. Also, my boyfriend thinks I’m insane. Zero respect for the process…

Which celebrity’s makeup looks do you think are always just right?

I love the way Emma Stone looks. She always seems to be having a good time with her look and she’s not afraid to mix it up or take a chance. I think she’s such a smart pick to be a face of Revlon as she’s really added a sense of youth and fun to the brand.

If you could only use one makeup item for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Oh GOD, that’s so hard. Probably mascara. My lashes are long but they’re really fair and it makes a huge difference to me. I’ve got so many on the go right now! Loving Urban Decay Perversion and Clinique Chubby Lash in Bodaciou Black Honey. I layer it with Estee Lauder Little Black Primer to get a flash of the black honey colour and it looks killer.

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