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As you will know by now, I am a Lush addict. A couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to experience some of Lush Oxford Street’s products, so wanted to share them with you too. Lush’s new flagship branch on London’s Oxford Street has hundreds of unique products that you can’t get in any other Lush store.

Lush Oxford Street Exterior

Lush The Experimenter Bath Bomb

The Experimenter Bath Bomb, £3.75

This product has been all over social media as it is so pretty to look at. This multi-coloured hexagonal/octagonal (can you tell I failed Higher Maths?!) glittery bath bomb turns your bath into a riot of colour. It has relaxing vetivert oil as one of its main ingredients. along with vanilla and tonka, and has a gorgeous deep earthy smell. There is popping candy in it too for the ultimate fizzy experience.

Life’s A Beach Shower Scrub, £9.95

The texture and look of this scrub is exactly like sand, so if you are a beach-lover, you’ll adore this. I, however, find getting sand on my skin and in-between my toes extremely irritating, so this isn’t a scrub for me. It is a very finely milled salt and actual sand mix, but it gives an intense scrub. It has a very sweet vanilla and slightly floral (that will be the jasmine) scent; but it’s just too messy a product for me.

Lush Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar

Pink Flamingo Reuseable Bubble Bar, £5.95

How pretty is this?! Almost too pretty to dissolve. You swish this little pink guy around in your bath water to create lots of bubbles and emit a lovely fruity scent. This cocktail-inspired product has Rosewood and Ylang-Ylang in it, and if you can’t get to any tropical climes this Summer, this is not a bad substitute.

Lush Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb

Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb, £3.75

Like yoga itself, using this is supposed to be a relaxing experience. It has a very heady floral and woody scent with Sandalwood and Ho Wood oils, and it produces some intense bright orange foam with a very sparkly lustre too. 

Lush Big Bang Bubble Bar

Big Bang Bubble Bar, £3.75

To use this, you break sections off and crumble them under your running bath tap. It turns your water bright blue and full of foamy bubbles. The pink stars in the centre are a bath melt, so this two-in-one product is extra moisturising. It has a wonderfully refreshing citrus scent from the grapefruit, lemon and tangerine oils it contains. The skin conditioning and moisturising properties comes from its Avocado Butter and Extra Virgin Olive Oil ingredients.

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Image 1 & 2 Copyright: Lush Cosmetics