Benefit They're Real Colours

The black They’re Real Mascara and They’re Real Liner have been out on sale for quite some time now, and they have gone down a storm (especially the mascara). I reviewed the black liner here. Now, Benefit have expanded the range by adding colours- four new liners (£18.50 each) and two new mascaras (£19.50 each).

The new liner colours are blue, purple, brown and green, and the new mascaras come in brown and blue. I have the green liner and the blue mascara. I’ve also had a good play with all of the other new shades.

Benefit They're Real Blue Mascara

Benefit They're Real Colours Swatches

I completely adore the blue mascara, and I’ve been wearing it constantly. It is so bright and pigmented, and like the original black They’re Real mascara, it gives me amazing volumised and lengthened lashes. It’s also completely waterproof- this stuff doesn’t budge at all in fact, and when it comes to taking it off, you’ll need a good rub with some waterproof eye makeup remover.

Benefit They're Real Green Liner

I am less keen on the green eye liner. When the black They’re Real Liner launched, a lot of people complained that it was very clumpy. I dispensed it onto the back of my hand before applying, and I couldn’t really notice any clumps as the colour was so dark. Now however, in trying the lighter green shade, I do see just how clumpy it is and how difficult to get a smooth line this makes it. It dries really quickly too and is just as waterproof as the mascara, so you don’t have much time to work with it or the ability to correct it.

I will be continuing to reach for the blue mascara all the time, and will definitely re-purchase it as I have never found one more pigmented or as long-lasting. I do see the green eyeliner gathering dust at the back of my makeup drawer though unfortunately.

Have you tried any of the new colours yet? What do you think?

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