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I adore Lush and there has been countless reviews of their products on this blog. However, as Lush is celebrating their 20th birthday, I thought I’d give you a run-down of my top 10 products that they offer. If you’ve never tried anything from Lush before, this is where to start!

Lush Twilight

Twilight Bath Bomb, £3.35

This is my favourite Lush product of all time. The scent is amazing, and I was so sad when they discontinued the Twilight shower gel. The scent is a really malty, musky, heady Lavender and is basically like bathing in Lavender-scented Horlicks. It turns your bath a beautiful cloudy purple too. I use this before bed, and I fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. I adore it.

Lush Avobath

Avobath Bath Bomb, £3.35

This is my favourite morning bath bomb, as it has such a refreshing and awakening lemon scent. I find it really moisturising and nourishing for my skin too, due to the avocado and olive oils within it. This is just a really fresh and natural-smelling fruity scent, and it’s a great one to start your day with.

Lush King Of Skin

King Of Skin Body Butter, £5.75

This is a really easy and pleasant way to moisturise your skin. It comes in a solid block format that you rub directly onto your skin as it starts to melt with your body heat. It doesn’t have a strong scent; which I like, and its blend of bananas, avocado, oatmilk and cocoa butter is soothing and moisturising.

Lush Dreamtime

Dreamtime Bath Melt, £3.35

This doesn’t have a powerful enough scent for me on its own; but if I want some extra skin moisturising properties, I add this lavender and chamomile scented melt into my Twilight bath bomb baths. It is very milky and oily, and leaves my skin so soft. There is no need to moisturise after having a bath with one of these.

Lush Brightside

Brightside Bubble Bar, £4.75

This is another morning or daytime product for me, and is perfect for when I want a fun bath full of bubbles. The scent of this is amazing- it smells like fizzy orange soda and is a very sweet, sharp and sunny fragrance. I crumble half of it under a running tap, so it lasts for two baths for me. Brightside makes for a really cheerful bath time!

What are your favourite Lush products?

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