Baking Mango Frosting Cupcakes

I’ve been baking again as I’ve been obsessed with this new cookbook- Coconut 24/7 by Pat Crocker. There are over 100 recipes for meals, desserts and skincare products that all utilise coconut; the most popular ‘superfood’ of the moment. From coconut oil and flour to coconut water and coconut sugar, there are so many ways in this book to incorporate coconut into your life and reap the benefits of it.

There are too many benefits to list them all, but for example, coconut oil contains fatty acids that speed up your metabolism and can help lots of different skin issues, plus coconut sugar is good for Diabetes control.

I made some vanilla cupcakes by adapting a sponge recipe from the book, and I used its mango icing recipe (page 174) for the frosting. The recipe produced a delicious, sweet, tangy and coconut-y flavoured icing.

To make the mango icing, you’ll need coconut water, coconut oil, granulated sugar, freshly squeezed lemon juice, cream cheese and icing sugar. It’s a lengthier process than it normally takes to make cake frosting, but it is definitely worth it for the gorgeous taste and consistency.

Coconut 24/7 Cookbook Review

I made the cupcake sponges in adorable heart shaped silicone cupcake cases (£6.99) from Katie Alice; which are obviously re-useable. Their floral ceramic-handled spreaders (£11.99) made it so easy to apply the icing neatly too. You can get the Katie Alice kitchen collections from– I love them!

What are you waiting for? Go buy the book and bake!

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