Nails Inc NailBright NailKale Bottles

Nails Inc have released two new polishes in their NailKale range, and I’ve been loving them. The NailBright NailKale shades are all about taking care of your nails inside and out.

Infused with bee pollen, they help your nails to glow and look healthy as bee-collected pollen is full of protein, vitamins and folic acid. These polishes also contain kale extract, which is an anti-oxident to protect and strengthen the nail. All of the polishes in the Nails Inc NailKale range also have Nails Inc’s exclusive Regenerating Complex- a blend of Zinc, Calcium and Aldehyde, which together, boost keratin production to make your nails stronger.

Nails Inc NailBright NailKale Knightsbridge Mews Bottle

Nails Inc NailBright NailKale Chelsea Embankment Mews Bottle

Both of the NailBright NailKale shades- Knightsbridge Mews (peach) and Chelsea Embankment Mews (pink) sit somewhere between glossy and matte on the shine spectrum. You don’t get much shine from them at all; but what you do get (that is unique to these polishes) is a stunning pearlescent finish that makes your nails look bright and glow from within.

Nails Inc NailBright NailKale Shades Swatches

Nails Inc NailBright NailKale Shades Swatches

You can apply them on their own with one or two coats to add a very subtle wash to your nails, or you can pop them on top of another polish for a pretty pearl-effect finish. I’ve also tried really layering layers of these (4 or 5 coats) to get an opaque look, and if you have patience, it works and lasts really well. In the swatches I’ve layered 4 coats so you can get an idea of the colour, as they were almost invisible on camera.

If you like having bare nails, or aren’t allowed to wear nail polish, these will add a very discreet like something to them whilst caring for them too. You can purchase both of the shades from for £14 each.

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