Urban Decay Brow Products

Part of Urban Decay’s new Fall 2015 releases are some new conditioning brow products for the UK- the Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Brow Gel (£15 from Urban Decay) and the Brow Beater Microfine Brow Beater & Brush (£15). I’ve been trying them out for the past couple of weeks, and am impressed by these new additions to their line-up.

Top: Dark Brow Tamer, Dark Brow Beater
Bottom: Taupe Brow Tamer, Taupe Brow Beater

Urban Decay Brow Tamer

They are bringing out the Brow Tamer gel in Clear, along with four tinted shades- Taupe for light brows and three varying degrees of brown for the darker brows- Neutral Brown, Warm Brown & Dark. I was sent the Taupe and the Dark to swatch and try out. These definitely tame your brows well, and hold them in place all day. The Clear is my favourite, as I found that the colour fades dramatically with the tinted shades after a few hours. If you are wearing the tinted shades on top of the Brow Beater pencil, then that’s not a problem; but they don’t provide a long-lasting tint on their own for me. The formula of the Brow Tamer Gels is very light. It doesn’t make my brow hairs go stiff and crispy; which is my bugbear about some other brand’s brow gels.

Urban Decay Brow Beater

Urban Decay Brow Beater Brush

The Brow Beater pencil also comes in these four shades and has a handy spoolie brush on the end of each too. The pencil end of these has an incredibly small point, which allows for complete preciseness during application. The formula of these pencils is waterproof but is very hard- you have to really press down on your skin to get colour pay-off. At first I wasn’t keen on this, preferring creamier options; but the more I used it, I realised that it is actually very beneficial in stopping you from overdoing it when filling in your brows. It makes you work more slowly and with more thought.

Do you like the look of these?

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