Trying to perfect the way I keep my tech and gadget cables accessible and untangled is a constant struggle for me. I’m never happy with the set-up I have as I can never get them to look neat and organised. I’ve been trawling Pinterest (you can follow me here) a lot lately, so I thought I’d share my current favourite cable organisation ideas that I’m planning to try next…

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I love the idea of making labelled holes in an shoebox and each cable having it’s own hole. I can keep my multi-socket inside and hidden neatly away; but still know which charging cable is which. I also think that labelling the ends of my plugs with washi tape will make it much easier to know what plug is attached to what, without having to try and trace the cable from one end to the other. The next idea- with bulldog clips- is just genius. Clipping one for each cable on the side of my desk will keep things so organised and easy to reach. It’s so simple; but perfect. Finally, we’ve all seen cable tidies that wrap around a bunch of cables to keep them together. I always mean to buy one. but can never find one when I’m out shopping. Using a toilet roll (I would paint mine first) and pushing all my wires through it is such as good use for these usually discarded pieces of cardboard.

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