As you may know if you are a regular reader of my blog, I’ve been on a diet and have been taking up more exercise in order to loose some of the excess (and dangerous) weight I am carrying, especially around my stomach area. I will never be thin, in fact, I like being curvy; but there are health risks to carrying a lot of weight around your middle, and I would prefer for my own body to tone up my waist area and to be at least a size 16 instead of my current size 18.

I got some new workout clothing from New Look and I love them. I am especially impressed with their Dark Grey Contrast Panel Sports Cropped Gym Leggings (£14.99 from New Look Sport) as the quality of these is amazing. The fabric is very soft and a lot thicker than I expected for such a budget price. They are perfect for all types of exercise from running to yoga, and have an attractive sky blue contrast panel on each of the hips too.

I also got a cute motivational purple sports vest top that says “Believe. Achieve” (£8.99). I like to wear this over a plain tight t-shirt as I prefer to be a bit more covered up when exercising. The material of this is very soft and light. It doesn’t cling to you when you get sweaty, and is a bright and cheerful colour.

Lastly, I picked up these Grey Stretch Yoga Pumps (£14.99). I wouldn’t recommend you wear them outside like I did (it was just so that you could see the whole outfit together), as they are very thin and meant for no terrain harsher than a yoga mat. They have a handy flexible sole to make all yoga positions easy, and provide great grip.

Have you tried any of New Look’s sportswear before?

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