I am forever trying new ways to keep my lips soft and smooth- I love lip balms and scrubs. My current favourites are a trio of products from Italian brand Kiko, and all three are extremely affordable.

Kiko Night Balm

At night I’ve been loving their Night Balm (£5.90), an intense lip moisturiser and hydrator treatment , made from beeswax, that works while you are sleeping. It has a smooth, thick and non-sticky texture. In the morning I wake up with extra soft lips, and I like the fact that it is tasteless and scentless since it is for use at bedtime. 

Kiko Lip Scrub

Before I apply the Night Balm, I like to exfoliate my lips first with the Kiko Lip Scrub (£5.90). This is basically a scrub in stick form, which is so handy and mess-free. I rub this over my lips in circular motions and then rub my lips together, before wiping off with a cleansing wipe. This stuff smells and tastes amazing- like burnt sugar or toasted marshmallows. It obviously has a course texture- unique crystals in a shea butter base- that’s perfect for removing dead skin cells.

When I wake up in the morning, and throughout the day, I’ve been using their Lip Balm SPF 15 (£5.90). This also comes in a handy portable stick format. The scent of this is more medicated than their other lip products that I’ve been using; but still very pleasant. It’s great for both preventing dry, chapped lips and for immediate relief from them. I love that it has SPF 15 too- an essential for sun protection.

Do you have any Kiko favourites?

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