Primark Haul

It’s a long time since I went into Primark’s home and lifestyle departments, so I decided to pay my largest nearby store a visit to see what they had to offer, and what random bits and pieces I could find to add to my basket. 

Gabriella Velvetgh0st Primark Lights

What spurred me on to visit is that I knew that YouTuber Gabriella Lindley’s (Velvetgh0st‘s) new bedding and homeware collection for Primark had just launched. The line looks so cute, but unfortunately, they didn’t have the cat whisker glasses that I wanted, so I ended up picking up the copper glitter-dipped fairy lights (£6) in consolation. They are really pretty; but boy do I want those glasses still!

I also got myself a bright wire ‘hello’ speech bubble sign (£2) to go above my desk at home, and a plastic soda bottle (£3) with built in straw to make my Diet Coke habit more fun and Instagram-able.

When I went to browse in the pyjama section, I couldn’t resist these ‘Tweet Me’ pyjama bottoms (£3 reduced). Basically, working from home as a journalist and blogger, I live in loungewear; so these are perfectly themed for me. I also got a little leather-look pouch (£3) that i’m going to use as a phone case. It looks a lot more expensive than it is, and fits my very large HTC One very well.

Finally, down in the beauty section on my way to the tills, I was intrigued by their budget facial cleansing pad (£1.50). I have a proper electronic cleansing brush at home, but this one looked perfect for overnight stays away. I’ve been using it recently to test it out, and I actually really like it. It doesn’t work nearly as well as a proper facial brush, but it gives a better cleanse that just using your fingers and feels very soft and pleasant to use. It also has a handy sucker to stick it onto your bathroom tiles with. I’m definitely going to head back into Primark to pick up some spares of this. I also picked up some bendy rollers (£1) to see how they work since my hair is so long now. I haven’t used these yet, but think they’ll be good at adding some waves to the front of my hair.

Have you found anything interesting in Primark lately?

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