Hair Straightened With Nanokeratin Treatment


I’d heard of permanent straightening hair treatments as Lily Pebbles had one done in a weekly vlog. It looked great, so when Rainbow Room International on Glasgow’s George Square asked if I wanted to come in to get the £250 Nanokeratin System treatment, I was intrigued to try it out.

I arrived at the salon and met with my stylist Paddy. I wanted a cut too, so after my shiatsu head massage (that all Rainbow Room clients get), my hair was washed and he did this first. I went from long shoulder-length hair to a Bob sitting just below my chin.

Once my hair had been cut into my desired style, it needed to be washed again in a special clarifying shampoo that is part of this Nanokeratin System Recharge Therapy treatment. Paddy washed my hair twice with this. The idea is that it strips your hair of all dirt and product build-up; restoring it as much to its natural state as possible.

Paddy and an assistant then worked on one half of my head each, combing the special nano-molecular keratin protein cream through every strand in my hair. This replaces lost keratin (and then some) back into your hair, which is locked in, to smoothe and repair it. This was then left to absorb for 20 minutes before my hair was blow dried. Blow drying hair coated in this treatment causes a lot of smoky steam and releases a burning smell; but don’t be alarmed, it’s fine. 

Nanokeratin System Results

Once my hair was dry, Paddy and the assistant then straightened it until it was poker straight and very glossy. I was told not to tie my hair up, put in behind my ears or wash it for three days. This was hard, as I could feel there was product in it and it got greasy quickly. You are allowed to use dry shampoo, but this didn’t really do much for me.

When I went in for this treatment, my hair was already naturally straight; so obviously the results will be more life-changing for someone with curly hair. What it has done for me though is eliminate frizz and allow me to be able to ditch my straighteners, which helps my hair health.

My time in the salon was 2 and a half hours, and results last for around 12 weeks, diminishing ever so slightly with each wash. I’d definitely recommend this if you have always had dreams of straight frizz-free hair without a ton of effort. It will make curly hair a lot more manageable and easier to get very straight. For more information, visit