I know I’m not the only one to have a keen interest in storage. After watching Lily Pebbles’ LA Container Store vlog and seeing Khloe Kardashian’s pantry tour on her new app, there are so many storage solutions that I am coveting at the moment. I thought I’d share my current storage and container wishlist with you for organising my desk and my stationery…

| Open-fronted bins | KVISSLE Desk Organiser | Large Slim Linus Drawer Organiser | Ribbon Storage Hanger | Kids Art Material Carry Caddy | Wall Mounted Literature Dispenser | Karena Multi-Coloured 4-Tier Stacking Storage Box |

I love the metal open-fronted stacking bins from Slingsby, as these would be perfect for storing all my different coloured notepapers in for easy access. I do love a nice handwritten note! Also, the plain white desk tidy from Ikea would make a great place to show off all my fancy pens.

Stickers are the best, and I have a constantly growing stash. The slim flat drawer organisers from Lakeland would be a handy way to group them into categories- labels, planner stickers, decorative stickers etc. I promise you I am not mad.

I also collect a lot of pretty notecards, but then hate ‘wasting’ one by having to write in it (does anyone else feel this?). The star print desk organiser from A Place For Everything would be a good place to keep them so I can flick through to find one to begrudgingly send to someone. A Place For Everything actually has a dedicated craft storage section on their online store. I need their ribbon storage hanger to keep all my washi tapes on- with this I can gaze at them all and get to them easily. 

Press releases and lookbooks are very helpful, but the hard copy ones are also the bane of my life. They get everywhere! Some clear literature dispensers (like the ones above from Slingsby) stuck on the side of my desk would be the perfect way to keep them all together in one place.

Finally, all those spare staples and roll of sellotape have got to go somewhere and this cute 4-tier stacking box from Habitat would be a visually attractive place to keep them.

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