Superdrug Face Mask Sachets Review

When I was browsing in Superdrug, and I saw that they had launched new facial sheet masks, I had to pick some up to try them out as I adore the sheet masks from Sephora. While I was there, I also got some of their other clay mask sachets that looked interesting as all of their single-use masks were on a 3 for 2 offer. Boy was I disapointed by most of what I bought! There are few hits, but a few are most definitely misses too.

Superdrug Hydrating Self-Heating Mask

Superdrug Hydrating Self-Heating Mask, 99p – HIT

I like the formula of this- it’s like runny pink icing thats enriched with Jasmine and Evening Primrose Flower. It doesn’t really have a scent, and it heated obviously and comfortably as soon as it hit my skin. It felt very pleasant throughout the time I kept it on, and when it came to removing it, it wasn’t a hassle at all. My skin did sting a bit afterwards but nothing major, and it felt very soft, smooth, plump and hydrated. I think it worked well,
but I did wake up to a couple of spots on nose and chin- I obviously can’t say whether this is connected or not though.

Superdrug Calming 5-Minute Facial Sheet Mask

Superdrug Calming 5-Minute Facial Sheet Mask, £1.29 – MISS

This smelt appalling as soon as I opened the sachet- incredibly chemically. I immediately did not want this to touch my skin, but I did it for you guys! When I put
it on my face it smelt exactly like a household bleach cleaner- very far from ‘calming’. It also stung quite a
bit, and I don’t have sensitive skin. I could only manage to keep this on for two minutes before having to go and wash my face. It says it’s soaked in a soothing combination of Green Tea, Cucumber Fruit and Aloe Vera, so I don’t know how they could go so far wrong with this.

Superdrug Hydrating 5-Minute Facial Sheet Mask

Superdrug Hydrating 5-Minute Facial Sheet Mask, £1.29 – MISS

This one wasn’t good either. It smells better than the calming sheet mask, but the smell is a very synthetic one. It’s supposed to be soaked in Plant Collagen, Glycerin and Pelvetiane Seaweed, but it smells just like
the damp faux forest plant scent that is pumped through Rainforest Cafe branches if
you’ve ever been to one. I love this in the restaurant, but I’m not
overjoyed with it on my face. Like the calming sheet mask, after two minutes my skin started to sting- just around my nose this time though so I kept it on for the full five minutes. These sheet masks just feel and smell very cheap and
synthetic. I wouldn’t use this one again either, even although it did
leave my skin very soft and plump.

Superdrug White Chocolate Mousse Mask

Superdrug White Chocolate Mousse Mask, 99p – MISS

I didn’t like this one either. It’s not mousse like in texture, but is very
much a clay mask. It is cream in colour as the name suggests and it does smells
deliciously of vanilla and cocoa butter. On paper, and by the scent, it looks like this will be a very enjoyable and indulgent mask. It isn’t. It stung my skin like nobody’s business, but I did keep it on and after a couple of minutes it died down. It did leave my skin very soft from its cocoa butter, shea butter and almond oil ingredients, but I wouldn’t use it again.

Superdrug Deep Cleansing 5-Minute Facial Sheet Mask

Superdrug Deep Cleansing 5-Minute Facial Sheet Mask, £1.29 – HIT

Can you tell yet that I was dreading opening this sheet mask?! This one doesn’t smell great either, but it’s not an uncomfortable smell that made me question its ingredients. Throughout the time this was on my face it was extremely cooling, which I loved. It contains menthol (along with Dead Sea Salt and seaweed), so I’m guessing that the cooling effect comes from the menthol. I’m not sure whether it is deep cleansing or not- I couldn’t really tell. It did, however, leave my skin very refreshed and soft. I’d recommend using this mask after an exercise session when you need a really good cool-down.

Superdrug Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask

Superdrug Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask, 99p – HIT

I really like this one- woo hoo! It is a light green clay mask that smells rather nice- quite a ‘spa-like’ scent. It felt very pleasant and very cooling on my skin, and it dried nice and quickly. It contains cucumber and Dead Sea Minerals, is easy to remove, and it left my skin feeling very soft and refreshed. This is the perfect mask for a hot day.

Have you tried any of these, and what did you think?

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