Sleep Patch-It Review

When I saw these patches, I had to try them. I have always been skeptical about reflexology- the stimulating of parts of your feet to affect health and well-being elsewhere in your body. I mean, who discovered and decided that there’s a section on the sole of your foot linked to each part of your body? Apartently it’s something to do with nerve endings- as you can tell, I’m not a scientist.

Sleep Patch-It patches are like large plasters; but contained in a pocket inside each is a blend of 100% natural and organic essential oils that are intended to relax you into a good night of sleep, and help you wake revitalised. There’s Black Tourmaline powder (for its healing properties), Mandarin wood vinegar, Lavender (to calm), Sage (for balancing), Basil (for clearing the mind), Ylang Ylang (for comfort), Bergamot (to uplift) and Bitter Orange Oil (to enliven emotions).

Sleep Patch-It Patches

You should aim to wear a patch on both of your feet at bedtime, until you wake up in the morning, for at least three consecutive nights. I used to have trouble sleeping, but luckily I have managed to sort that problem out, so I was intrigued to see what these patches would do for me. There is absolutely no doubt that these patches contain powerful ingredients that have a great effect on the body; but unfortunately, they worked the wrong way round for me- my body didn’t respond to the relaxing and calming essential oils, but instead, became unusually awake and restless. I must react a lot to Bitter Orange Oil! I persevered however, and despite my unusual nights of restless sleep and a busy mind, I did still feel very awake and revitalised in the morning. 

I guess aromatherapy and herbal medicine are very personal things- for me, these patches uplifted, revitalised and awakened my body instead of calming it down. Maybe, however, they will perform the correct way for you- it’s definitely worth a try if you are struggling to get into a good sleep pattern.

You can purchase Sleep Patch-It from It costs £3.99 for two patches, or you can get a box of 20 patches for £29.99.

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