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Thank you all for bearing with me when I had a little bit of a break last week. I’m back now and blog service has resumed as normal. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to Glasgow’s luxury shopping complex Princes Square, for an AW15 fashion and beauty makeover at their Fall Into Colour shopping event.

Princes Square Glasgow Exterior

Princes Square Glasgow Entrance

Princes Square Glasgow Interior

Princes Square itself is a beautiful shopping and dining destination that’s a must-visit place in Glasgow. Their Fall Into Colour event offered customers the chance to discover the new AW15 trends, pick up some discounts and get some help from store experts on what suits them.

First up for me was a fashion colour consultation with stylist Numba from Style Me Flawless. Numba is passionate about her clients understanding and wearing the colours that suit them through colour analysis. Basically, it boils down to someone suiting either cool or warm-tones. Colours have both cool and warm shades, so there are cool-toned pinks and a warm-toned pinks. Numba matched me to the cool-tones as these made my eye colour stand out and didn’t wash out my complexion or make it look uneven. Luckily my wardrobe consists of mainly cool tones anyway (subconsciously I must have known that these suited me best); however I don’t completely buy into letting colour analysis rule your wardrobe, so I won’t be throwing out the warm-toned pieces that I love.

Warm Cool Colour Chart

Warm have more of a yellow undertone, whereas cool shades have a blue undertone. This colour chart I found from e.l.f cosmetics is helpful in understanding the difference, but it obviously doesn’t cover all of the possible shade opportunities out there.

Lipstick Queen Sinner Range

Laura Pearson-Smith

After my fashion consultation, I headed over to the team from Space NK for a beauty makeover. I love the dark plum lip (Lipstick Queen’s Wine Sinner, £22) against my pale skin and I got a fantastic eyeliner application tip- the Space NK angled Bent Eyeliner Brush (£15) helps you get right into the lash line so you can just press the liner on. I am also a huge fan of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Diffused Light (£38) that they used to highlight my skin. It creates such a pretty soft-focus look.

I really enjoyed my Fall Into Colour experience and would urge you to keep a look out for Princes Square’s next customer shopping event so that you too can get some expert tips.

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