September 2015 Beauty Favourites

Happy October! As usual, I want to share with you my favourite beauty products from last month. There is a real mix again, so hopefully you’ll discover something new that you would like to try…

Kneipp Eucalyptus Sparkling Bath Tablet

Kneipp Eucalyptus Sparkling Bath Tablet, £1.95,

This is such a perfect Winter flu season product. In each pack, you get one bath tablet that is full of essential oils that are released into your bath water when you drop it in. The Eucalyptus variety is great for clearing your sinuses if you have a cold and it has greatly soothed my tired muscles during a month full of workouts.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Nail Laquer in Alexa Swatches

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Nail Laquer in Alexa, £13,

Alexa is a perfect match for Pantone’s colour of the year Marsala, so you’ll be bang on trend with this. It is very long-lasting and chip resistant and I can’t see myself opting for any other nail polish for the rest of the year.

Origins Salt Suds Foaming Body Wash

Origins Salt Suds Foaming Body Wash, £19, Coming Soon (

This has been my go-to morning shower gel all month. It looks so sleek with its new geometric print packaging design and has a lovely awakening spearmint scent. It’s enriched with Dead Sea Salt too, which is very hydrating and deep cleaning.

Sure Compressed Shower Fresh Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Sure Compressed Shower Fresh Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, £3,

Before this, I hadn’t used a spray deodorant for years as I preferred sticks and roll-ons. However, this smells amazing and I’ve been addicted to it all September. It leaves me feeling clean and fresh all day, no matter what I’m doing. It comes in a handy compressed can that lasts just as long as the larger version does. Sure also say it contains their specially-developed MotionSense technology, which they describe as small capsules which respond directly to movement to further protect you from sweat. I’m not sure about these gimicky claims, but I can say that it definitely gives me very long-lasting results.

Bare Minerals Quick Change Brush Cleaner

Bare Minerals Quick Change Brush Cleaner, £10,

I like to regularly wash my brushes properly with liquid soap or shampoo; but this handy spray cleanser is perfect to clean your brushes for quick changes of colour during your makeup application process. It has meant that I can use my favourite brush with several different shades in the one sitting. I really like the new sleek black packaging and the spray is really fast-drying too; which avoids any waiting around before moving on with a different colour. I’ve also been loving their new Supreme Finisher Brush (£24) for face powder application- it’s so fluffy and provides a natural sheer dusting of product. 

Are you keen to try any of these?

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