My ideal night consists of being at home with something good to watch and delicious things to eat. I am definitely a homebody. Last week, my Mum and I settled in to watch the new action thriller San Andreas, with lots to snack on and drink.

I really recommend San Andreas– it’s a gripping disaster movie about an earthquake in California and how a Los Angeles Fire Department rescue pilot makes a dangerous journey in his helicopter to find his daughter. Keeping our nerves at bay throughout were delicious cocktails that I made using the easy Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Mixer from Funkin Cocktails (£3.99 for 1L from Ocado) and some rum. I even topped them with a little snow (icing sugar) and star ice cubes to make them look festive.

To eat, we had to have the obligatory popcorn. However, we opted for a gourmet version with Joe & Seph’s Honey & Hazelnut Popcorn (£2.99 from Ocado). When I get sweet popcorn at the cinema, I always search for the bits that are coated in sugar and extra crunchy. With this gourmet popcorn, all of the pieces are like this- coated in caramel, honey and hazelnuts. We also enjoyed some retro sweets and some chocolate too.

It’s the festive season just now, with early dark nights, and it can be a lonely time for year for many people. If you have family or friends that you haven’t seen in a while, especially if they are older or more vulnerable members of society, invite them round for a cosy movie night- it’s a great way to reconnect.

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