Philosophy Microdelivery Overnight Facial Peel

It’s time for Face Mask Friday again. Now, you could debate whether this can be classed as a mask or not (like I have all week), but as it’s a leave-on overnight treatment, I’ve decided it can be. The Philosophy Microdelivery Overnight Anti-Aging Facial Peel (£65 from www.boots.com) is a resurfacing treatment that leaves you with soft and radiant skin.

Philosophy Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Acid Leave-On Peel Solution

This two-step treatment is designed to micro-exfoliate your skin, improve skin firmness and diminish signs of aging. You begin with an alpha/beta hydroxy acid leave-on solution, with glycolic and lactic acid, that you wipe over your face with a cotton pad. This does sting slightly as it is resurfacing your skin, and it also leaves it feeling very tight and dry. However, the second step of this product has been designed to counteract all of this and leave you feeling very comfortable and hydrated. 

Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Youth-Extending Night Gel

Philosophy Youth-Extending Night Gel

After applying the peel solution and letting it work for a few minutes, it’s time to use the cooling, gel-based Youth-Extending Night Gel mask. This feels so lovely and in the morning your skin with look very plump, fresh and younger. It works overnight to restore your skin, improve firmness and reduce pore size and wrinkles. Combined with the radiance that the peel solution has added, you are left with seriously good-looking skin. The instructions indicate that, for best results, you should follow the applicaton of the gel mask with your own moisturiser. I agree with this and find that it adds lots of extra hydration after a very stripping peel.

It’s recommended that you use this two to three times per week until your 24 cotton pads run out. So basically, for your money you are getting two months’ worth of product. You can definitely see immediate results with this, so it would be great the night before a big event- 74% of their clinical test group reported an improvement of fine lines and wrinkles after just one application. I have been using this for three weeks now and my skin is definitely firmer and a lot more glowy. I don’t have wrinkles or enlarged pores so I can’t report on this, but I can say that it makes me look a lot fresher healthier, and nourished. I’ll definitely be continuing to use it.

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