Sanctuary Spa 5-Minute Thermal Detox Mask

For this week’s installment of Face Mask Friday, I’m reviewing the Sanctuary Spa 5-Minute Thermal Detox Mask Sachet (£2.99 from www.boots.com). Although designed as a single-us sachet, there is actually enough product for three full-face applications in there- just make sure you seal the packet with a clothes peg of paperclip to stop air getting in in-between uses.

Heated face masks always make my eyes water and my nose run (a bit like eating a very hot curry) and this one is no exception. Slightly annoying, but I do like the effect of them on my skin. The instructions for this one tell you to apply a thin layer. The scentless clay formula is very thick, so you have to really spread it on to get it thin enough.

Sanctuary Spa 5-Minute Thermal Detox Mask On Face

This immediately feels very warm as soon as it touches your skin, and unlike normal clay face masks, this one doesn’t harden and crack. It remains just as wet and sticky at the end of the treatment as it does at the beginning, but you can tell it is ready to remove when it has naturally cooled down in temperature.

The Sanctuary Spa 5-Minute Thermal Detox Mask formula contains charcoal and kaolin clay. These work to remove excess oil and draw impurities out of your pores, which the heat opens up. There’s also soothing myrrh oil in there that leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. I found that this mask works really well- my skin felt like it had experienced a really deep clean and I kept wanting to stroke it.

Have you tried this face mask from Sanctuary Spa?

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