October 2015 Favourites

I can’t believe it is November already! It’s time for another dose of my monthly fashion and lifestyle favourites, and I have been loving all of these items throughout October. There are shoes and accessories, techy gadgets and homeware for you to swoon over, so let’s get started…

Liz Earle Lavender & Basil Botanical Candle

Liz Earle Lavender & Basil Candle Botanical Candle, £40, uk.lizearle.com

I have been burning this candle in my bathroom all month. It has a very relaxing scent (from the lavender) but is also very clean and herbal-smelling (from the basil and eucalyptus ingredients). I really like this as it’s multi-purpose- it keeps my bathroom smelling fresh and adds a relaxing atmosphere to bath-time too. There is a 40-hour burn time with this candle and it comes in a beautiful and heavy frosted glass jar. The wax is 100% natural too.

Patent T-Bar Flats

Marsala Patent T-Bar Flats, £8, www.primark.com

I love these shoes! I just can’t do heels comfortably anymore- flats are definitely my bag, and these are bang on-trend for AW15. They are very comfortable and they look really cute. What more could you want?

Story Horse Breezy Day Umbrella Print

Story Horse Breezy Day Umbrella

Story Horse Breezy Day Umbrella, £20, www.storyhorse.com

The leaf print on this huge walking umbrella is so pretty and it has a lot of great hidden touches that show great care has gone into its design. It unfolds and pops up at the touch of a button, there’s a touch-grip handle and the spokes inside are in the shape of flower petals. It’s really sturdy too, so you won’t see it getting blown inside out on a stormy day.

Arkon Universal Smartphone Holder With Flexi Tripod

Arkon Universal Smartphone Holder With Flexi Tripod, £19.99, www.mobilefun.co.uk

You all know that I am social media-mad, and I am really into Periscope and Snapchat at the moment. It’s so tricky to film on Snapchat and Periscope and open products at the same time, so I found a solution with this incredibly handy flexible tripod. You can sit it on a tabletop, or the legs bend for you to wrap it around the top of a chair or a branch of a tree (if you are so inclined) so that you can film hand’s free. The holder is just a sliding grip, so it fits all phone types. It also comes with an attachment to use it with a camera too.

Personalised Laptop Skin, £22, www.caseapp.co.uk

You just can’t beat a bit of personalisation, and this laptop skin with my blog logo on it now adorns mine. I added some stars from the Caseapp clipart library and then once I had applied it to my laptop lid, I added some washi tape along the bottom just to customise it further. You can create whatever design you want, and if you are stuck for inspiration, they have great graphics on the site that you can combine to make something original. There are skins and cases to suit all sizes of laptops and mobile devices- mine is a 15.6 inch one. You can get one with 20% off if you enter the promo code FRILLSCASE.

Personalised Portable Mobile Power Pack

Personalised Portable Mobile Power Pack, £POA, www.usbmakers.com

This credit card-style portable mobile power pack has been customised with my blog logo, and it looks so cute. These devices are incredibly handy and each one can be recharged around 500 times to power up your phone when you are out and about and your battery dies. It comes with a Samsung/HTC-ended cable, but if you have an iPhone, all you need to do is use the USB cable that came with your phone to connect it. There is a minimum order quantity of 10 units and I gave some away on Twitter this weekend. This is such a great way to promote your business or would make great family photo Christmas gifts.

What have you been loving throughout October?

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